The building is located in Piaseczno, at ul. Elektroniczna 2A, in the vicinity of the intersection of Puławska and Okulickiego streets, on two plots of land No. 12/36 (WA5M/00299431/4) and 12/38 (WA5M/00275004/8), within the Piaseczno-Miasto 0018 precinct. The total area of both plots of land equals 4548 m2.

The building comprises two parts (3-storey part A and 2-storey part B) and houses, inter alia, an office and a television studio. It was commissioned in 2006-2007.

Access to all rooms is controlled by personalized card readers (ID, first and last name, company logo) and by an alarm system.

The building has a CCTV camera system. Physical security services, as well as around-the-clock surveillance of the premises and the parking lot are provided as well.

Total plot area  4548 m2
Total building volume  8424 m3
Total building area (with decks, without roof of part B)  2195,05 m2
Total area (based on the construction permit)  2406,8 m2
Usable area (based on the construction permit)  1967,3 m2
Ground floor (total)        708,74 m2
Ground floor A  329,90 m2
Ground floor B  280,77 m2
Ground floor – other (reception, utility rooms, other)  98,07 m2
1st floor (total)     798,86 m2
1st floor A    435,89 m2
1st floor B     253,27 m2
1st floor – other (hallways, storage, director’s room)  109,70 m2
2nd floor (total)     932,36 m2
2nd floor A  445,10 m2
2nd floor B (staircase, fan room)   30,84 m2
2nd floor other (deck, roof)     456,42 m2
Footprint area      783,9 m2
Area of roadways, parking lots and sidewalks
(including paved area next to the building – 285.8 m2)
 1259,9 m2
Biologically active area 2504,20 m2
  • Power connection – 135 kW, provider – Zakład Energetyczny Warszawa Teren, District Power Supply Company in Jeziorna (IV connection category IV, Tariff C21)
  • Foundations – wet-poured reinforced concrete foundation slabs and walls
  • Building structure – reinforced concrete transom system, prefabricated, FILIGRAN-type ceilings.
  • A shooting studio with masonry walls is located in the central part of the building.
  • External plaster – acrylic, building A ground floor facades finished with wooden cladding.
  • Stone-clad pillars.
  • Aluminum window frames with thermal bridge insulators.
  • Roofs and decks – flat roofs, vapor-insulated on the reinforced concrete ceiling side, Styrofoam-based thermal insulation.
  • Roof of 1st floor in part B – ready for the addition of another floor.
  • Interior walls – partly regular, partly with sound insulation (gypsum-cardboard sheets, cellular concrete)
  • Suspended ceilings.
  • Interior door frames – wooden, PVC, aluminum and panel doors.
  • Bathrooms and utility rooms with tile and terracotta finish.
  • Parking lot – lit, 38 parking spots – expansion by additional 19 spots possible.
  • 138 m2 studio (13.6m x 10.1m x 6.5m) 150A per phase (3 x 18kW) 32A and 63A
  • Power panel on 1st floor in building B – maximum power of 2 x 20kW
  • Power panel on ground floor of building B – maximum power of 40kW
  • Fiber optic Internet connection and cooper-wire telephone line by Netia

Two scenarios with detailed architectural and technical layout of the B part’s ground floor area are available and have been filed with the Architecture Department of the Piaseczno Starost Office.
We have our own telephone exchange – approximately 50 lines are available at the moment.
A wire-based or wireless Internet connection may be installed as well.

The Tenant will be required to make the following monthly payments:

  • Rent, as agreed upon with the building owner
  • Electricity bills, for the energy used, based on meter readings and based on invoices received by the building owner
  • Central heating and water bills, on a pro-rata basis, in accordance with the share in the building’s total usable area
  • Telephone line and Internet connection bills, based on invoices received by the building owner
  • Costs of cleaning, technical operation of the studio, and tasks of the reception staff to be agreed upon between the Tenant and the building owner.

Significant discounts are available if the editing and office areas are rented together with the TV studio.



dzialka_mini Land
parter_mini Ground floor
1p_mini 1st floor
2p_mini 2nd floor
parking_mini Additional parking


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